Monday, May 9, 2011


I see these in the fields and waterways outside our town. So a natural. But a beautiful one!!

purple large field flower

The field flower seeds that I threw in last year, gives lots of surprises this year. Also these purple stalks. No idea what it is, and a disappointing amount of bees and bumblebees on it. But they last long!

field flower

Self-seeded field flower, again name elapses me (pregnancy???). It is funny it grows in the 'forest'.


The name elapses me right now, but I like it. It stands right behind the Dicentra in what is now to become my vegatable patch, as you can't see the part of the garden from the house, and is thus useless for the visual part. When it is finished flowering (and I am not pregnant anymore), I'll dig it out and put it in the middle of the garden. It will nicely brighten up the early spring. I hope.

A weed? but beautiful! Ah, it is Geum

It stands in the lower lawn, just near the steps. Evidently self-seeded. But bright, and keeps well in a vase. Whatever it is....