Monday, September 28, 2009

Wealth of new flowers

I visited the great nursery near the office. All plants for 1.50 and twelf for the price of ten. An offer I couldn't refuse. Some great flowers!

What is there? Asters, Gras Imperata, nice and red, Nepata, Echinacaea. Trillia for under the trees.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Malva for the second time

The Malva flowers for the second time this year. In the front Coreopsis and a small Rose that I just bought at my new favourite nursery (De Groot).
And the most beautiful flower in the background!

Further just noticeable the Oost-Indische Kers with the red flower and the blue flowers.

How it is this year

It has been dry in July, and I have watered too late. The pink Scharnier flower did not come into bloom, but is rather a green bush in the middle of the lawn.

Then there is the high white field flower, just in front of the Lavender, I have no idea what it is. It is not all that eventfull , but it attracted lots of bees and bumblebees. I left it standing for what I thought was nice sculpture later in the winter, but later I re-thought and cut it down. It blocks the view more than anything else.

The Cariopteres was very blue this year. Obviously the cut I gave it in spring was ok.

In the foreground the Margriet and Cosmos, both white.

The Sedum right at the back just blushing pink.