Saturday, October 31, 2009

My little helper in paving!

We are building paths through the rear of the garden, to open it up more. It is more fun with her!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bottlebrush in flower

Amazing this Australian friend wants to flower after the dutch summer.

Green oasis

What a green oasis this seems as I am posting this now in February!

In the foreground in the 'rock' garden, the red Valirian is still flowering. It likes it there, but it thrives anywhere, no need to take up the Sunny spot.

The guided trees in front of the shed still have their leaves, and the Maple is just loosing it's leaves, giving a bit more sun shine in the garden now that the Sun doesn't go as high anymore.


We'll have to see if this Helianthus survives the winter - in the pot.... This insect was liking it so far!
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Chrysanthum with Sage

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Forest white flower

This plant I have high expectations of. It is a forest plant, and should fit in, right there! So far it is doing really well.
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An autumn flower from this Dianthus, also one of the sales items!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


It was a great big bush of outgrown Persicaria. But like last year, I gave it a second life by cutting the old stuff out. It is a bit more work, caring to keep the little flowers, but worth the effort. Second flowers

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The New Asters

My joy of the week. I am really pleased with where I placed the new Asters. Somehow they really go well with the Lavender,. And I wanted it placed so that the Rosa Sedum in the background got enhanced. Now see if it survives the year for next year.
Ah, the imperata. Here still in pot. But this is the spot, I found later. From the kitchen I can see the red leaves waving in the wind.

It opened my eyes to the value of grasses. I have never really warmed to this grass hype of these days, but this was looking jolly.


Well, this one likes it here! Obviously, it spontaneously flowered in October!

Sedum in bloom

Ah the sedum! It is still massive this year, although I already removed quite a bit. It is rather boring all year, but the bloom is actually quite nice.

The sedum at the back is not visible from anywhere by this spot, so it will be replaced by something higher.
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