Saturday, May 29, 2010

Banana's in memoriam?

This is where the banana's were.... I see some big holes with rotten roots. I doubt it will come back, but I won't dig for a while yet.


These came back great! About six of them. One of them I cut to give to my mum for a vase. Well, perhaps that saves the bulb and gives more flowers next year??

Apparently Alium is great for bees, that is important too!

Aquilegia, winter Aconite and Campanula, who wins?

Here the Campanula is winning! But perhaps they are all winners in their own season. First the winter Aconite, then the Aguilegia, and later the Campanula. Do you see the seeds on top of the Winter Aconites? Good harvest!!

Flower garden

I haven't done much work on this spot yet, it more or less grows like it does. There is the Polemonium caeruleum ('Jacobsladder'), red Varian, Aquilegia (in dark pink) and some first yellow spots of Alchemilla mollis. The Dicentra just stopped flowering.

I planted some small tomato seedlings (bought) in here. It is a sunny spot, let's hope they give some fruit! The cucumber didn't make it, and the tomato is getting quite overgrown by now....

The row of trees

I have not made this picture yet, while it gives a good view of the row of trees. On the left, barely visible, the cherry tree, then a bird cherry, unvisible a prunus squeezed in between the bird cherry and the pear tree. Then a pine and that is all.

In the Summer they block the view of to the houses of the neighbours. Their houses are standing quite close, as there are on small gardens in between. The trees are quite necessary for the privacy in the garden! But the tricky thing is their distance to our border of course. As they are quite old, they are undisputed, but we will have to keep them moderately trimmed. Some task....


Forest Aguilegia, it is the Aguilegia, that I planted in the 'forest' area. It is definitely surviving.

Click on this picture and zoom in: it's got great resolution and definition.

Monday, May 24, 2010


We have just watered the garden because of the drought. This azalea stands in teh most sunny place of the garden. That doesn't seem right, but it surviving.... And flowering beautifully.